Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Wrong Gas Struts...

After a busy weekend of seeing friends and getting medicals done for our visa application, we only got a couple of hours free to work on the van. Putting the gas struts on seemed like a nice job to do and get ticked off the list. We got the roof up, and the new struts out, and... oh. They are too long! Although we bought gas struts described as for T25's, they are noticeably longer than the old ones and the roof wouldn't actually close properly if we fitted them.

So we actually didn't get anything done. This week we will need to contact the supplier and see if we can exchange or return the struts and get some correct ones!

On a positive note - we have had some heavy rain recently and there is no sign at all of any leakage from the skylight.

And I am still absolutely loving the rainbow stripe bellows and the blue lining!

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