Thursday, 9 February 2012


I have to admit, when Nick starts talking to me about electrics, or plumbing etc, my mind starts to wander and I start thinking about cushions. The truth is I'm really not interested in whether the sink or fridge works, I can live without those. But I need to be surrounded by colour! I think it's very important to mental well-being, and with the British weather as it is, we can't always guarantee we will be able to sit outside.

This week I have been finishing off covering our bed cushions. These go on what is called a rock and roll bed, like a sofa bed. It can either be a seat, or pull it out and it makes the bed. Three separate cushions make up the bed, one big one that goes in the boot, and two smaller ones that make up the seat.

Now, original items from the 80's can be quite cool. Vintage, retro if you will. But the original cushions from 1980 in our van were really quite disgusting and who knows what's gone on in there! Originally I was just going to make covers for the existing cushions but they were so old and smelly we threw them away. Our cat Achilles seemed to like them though.

New cushions are ridiculously expensive considering they are just rectangles of foam (put VW in front of anything and you can double the price I reckon). But conveniently we had a cheap foam double mattress in the spare room that we could cut to shape. Because it's a ex-mattress it is nice and thick so should be pretty comfortable, pretty important since we will be sleeping in it long-term.

We got the fabric from John Lewis, we are going for a coastal/beach hut look. I added white piping to the two seat cushions too.

Now, even if we don't end up with a fridge, at least we've got a nice place to sleep.


  1. They look amazing Em! When you come over here maybe you could go into the restoration business!

  2. I suggested that to Nick! I'm not sure he was convinced though..



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