Saturday, 4 February 2012

Fitting New Gas Struts

Today we fitted the new gas struts, which didn't go 100% smoothly. With the help of our friend Al (doing the lifting) we first fitted the upright strut at each end, which we had to hammer on due to the bolts being slightly bent. We then realised that the horizontal one needed to be fitted first. So off came the vertical one and on went the horizontal one, and back on went the vertical one, again with hammering. Unfortunately the hammering knackered one of the bolts, so a quick trip to the hardware shop for a new bolt, and they were on.

We then tried closing the roof to see how it went, but the pressure of the horizontal strut tore the rivets of the roof hinge completely through the fiberglass. Bad times!

So the plan is to use nuts and bolts to affix a small piece of sheet metal, and rivet the hinge to the metal.

We have taken the horizontal strut off for now, and we may not put it back on, because it is only used to assist in the lifting of the roof. The two vertical struts are the ones that hold the roof up.

We then fitted the first piece of blue lining, which cheered us up.

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