Thursday, 16 February 2012


Now I know curtains are probably one of the last things we should be doing in the renovation of our campervan, but I get excited about these kinds of things so I have already made and fitted our new curtains.

Made from scratch, I started off planning to make plain white curtains but when we got the fabric for the bed cushions I decided to sponge print circles all over the fabric in matching colours. I used the offcuts from the bed cushion fabric to make some tie-backs.

The curtains are lined in black out fabric to keep the sunlight out when the sun rises early in the summer, and at night to keep any light coming out to a minimum.

The curtain rail runs the whole way around the van, so I can push them round the front out of the way while we finish the rest of the van :-)


  1. Thye are amazing! I wish i could claim that i taught you all i know but you are far cleverer than me!

  2. What?! I still have that patchwork quilt you made when we were little, it's awesome!

  3. Curtains add life to your living area. Just pick the right color



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