Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Abbotsbury, Weymouth & Chesil Beach

Apologies for the lack of blog posts.... we have been drinking copious amounts of cider at the Purbeck Folk Festival and have got a bit behind! Photos from the festival to come but please first let me catch you up on what we got up to last week.

We drove along the very scenic coast road from West Bay to Abbotsbury, where you get the first glimpse of  Chesil beach, a famous 29km shingle barrier beach.

We stopped for lunch in Abbotsbury, a small village located just behind this shot. We walked up the hill to St Catherines Chapel, where you can get some more lovely views over the lagoon and Chesil beach.

We camped further along the beach, just outside Weymouth, on a quiet campsite over looking the beach and Portland Bill (the bit of land that sticks out below Weymouth). We loved the campsite - hardly anyone there, campfires allowed and amazing views.

We went for a walk on our first night there and ate at a crab restaurant recommended by Rick Stein. We really don't plan to eat out all the time but we seem to just come across so many nice restaurants.

We were given a hammer and nut crackers to attack the crab with so it got pretty messy as you can imagine.

The next day we walked to the centre of Weymouth along the South Coast path, stopping for a quick geocache on the way. Weymouth is where the Olympic sailing events were held, and for good reason, it was ridiculously windy.

Lots of boats, and the jurassic coastline stretching out into the distance.

Although we loved all the boats, bunting and old buildings around the river, we weren't too keen on the rest of Weymouth - too many people! Going to seaside places during the school holidays is really not a good idea.

Off to the Isle of Purbeck for the Purbeck Folk Festival next!

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