Monday, 13 August 2012

The Needles

What an awesome bit of British coast this is!

We spent the day yesterday around the headland known as the Needles on the far West of the Island, not far from our campsite. Blessed again with glorious sunshine!

The Needles Park is a bit tacky (crazy golf and the like) but definitely worth it was the chairlift down to Alum Bay, famous for its coloured sand cliffs (eroding at quite a rate).

To get the best views you have to get out on the water! You can get a 20min boat trip out to see the lighthouse and rocks for a bargain £5.

Cormorants on top of the rock.

We then got the open top bus up to the Old Battery (old military buildings) where you can see more lovely views of the area from a different perspective.

The whole place is simply stunning, especially in this weather. Lots of inspiration for paintings. I think we have made the most of the sun, apparently it will be rainy the rest of the week.

After the Needles we ate in a waterside restaurant in Totland Bay where the food was good, if not a lttle slow to arrive. I don't think anyone hurries in this place.

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