Monday, 6 February 2012


When it comes to updating the front cab seats of a VW campervan, the options are pretty limited:
1) Buy new seats
2) Get your seats re-upholstered
3) Buy covers for your seats.

Options one and two will look the best, but are the expensive options. Getting two front seats re-upholstered is around £350, buying brand new seats even more.

So we went for covers. First stop was Halfords, for a pair of generic covers for £30. These were quickly taken back to Halfords as we realised the fit was terrible. 

So we scoured the internet and finally came across seat covers specially made for T25s (and other Volkswagens). They were from a company called At £112 a pair, they were a little pricier than the Halfords ones but you could choose colours and materials. 

And here they are:   

They fit quite tightly, so may take a bit of adjusting to fit perfectly but we are really pleased with them. We went for cream leatherette. As you can see below, our original seats were in quite a state.

The customer service was really good and we were given the option of having holes put in the covers for the headrests, but we decided we are taking these out to give us a more open cab area and more of a retro bus look.

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