Sunday, 7 April 2013

Frank Turner, Busselton and a Halfway Bump

We've had a pretty awesome weekend, starting on Thursday night when we saw Frank Turner in a small club in Perth.

Frank is a folk/punk singer from a village near Winchester in Hampshire, not far from where we used to live (about 6 miles from where Nick grew up in fact). Although he has never had much mainstream success, he has a pretty big following in the UK. We saw him last April in Wembley Arena, where tickets sold out.

He tours world-wide non-stop so I knew it wouldn't be long before he came to Perth.....

Seeing him at Wembley was great, but I really wanted to see him at a smaller venue. This is practically impossible in the UK as tickets sell out in minutes. But in Australia he is not so well known and so we got to see him play at this tiny little venue in Perth. We were stood right at the back were still only 8-10 metres away.

Then on Friday we both had the day off because it was our 20-week scan. Nick couldn't make the 12-week scan so it was the first time he had seen the little bambino moving about. We didn't get many clear pictures as it was being naughty and curling it's arms and legs up in front of it's face!

After the scan we set off with our new bell tent down to Busselton, about 3 hours drive south of Perth. Lovely rain greeted us on our arrival!

We love our new tent - brings back good memories of our old one that we took around the UK. We have upgraded from a 3m to a 4m and it makes so much difference - much more space inside and Nick can actually walk around in this one.

We then spent the rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday exploring the area, drinking tea, going paddling, shopping and sampling restaurants.

Busselton and the surrounding area was lovely, lots of caf├ęs and galleries, and gorgeous beaches. Plus, several degrees cooler than Perth at about 26-27 degrees, very pleasant indeed.

We stopped off quickly for lunch at a marina in Mundarah on the way home, about an hour from Perth on the coast. Lots of big yachts and restaurants on the quay.

And finally, for the keen-eyed amongst you, a cheeky halfway bump photo.

Much love to you all. Hope our friends in the UK are finally starting to warm up.

Emma & Nick xx

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