Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Devon at 11 months

Next month our little baby turns one, and I will probably write a longer blog post then about how we have found this first year of parenting (in a word - hard). But for now I wanted to tell you all about Devon and the amazing things he does.

It really feels like Devon learns a new skill every week at the moment.

Right now he loves:

  • Pulling things out of cupboards and drawers and then trying to put everything back again.
  • Playing with water. I think he could spend hours in the bath splashing around except he loves pulling the plug out.
  • Music. When he hears theme tunes on the TV he bounces up and down with glee.
  • Big sticks. I have a stack of them outside for him to play with while I hang out washing!
  • Other kids. He gets SO excited when we are at the park and another kid comes and wants to play with him.
  • Copying us. We can get him vacuuming and cleaning up his highchair!
  • Sharing. He loves to brush our teeth with his toothbrush, brush our hair with his hair brush and share his food and drink.
  • Breastfeeding! I thought at 11 months Devon would be eating more solids by now, but he still doesn't really eat that much. He loves his milk and gets very excited if I get a boob out. I'm not expecting to be weaning anytime soon...
  • Crawing and climbing. We thought he might be an early walker as he never seemed to want to crawl anywhere, always preferring to be walking holding our hands. But in the last few weeks he has got so fast at crawling, and I think he has realised the independence it gives him. I've found him in some interesting places, including on the window sill and in the wardrobe.
Devon is not so keen on:

  • Being restrained for any reason - car seats, pushchairs, highchairs, nappy changing and getting dressed. He'll put up with it for a bit but not for long.
  • Naps. Although night time sleep is slowly improving, it's getting harder and harder to get him to sleep for any length of time during the day. Most days now I can only get him down for one nap a day. When am I supposed to work on craft projects! (I mean, ahem, clean the house)
  • Colds. Devon has had a couple of colds recently and they made him downright miserable.
I can't quite believe our little baby is turning into a toddler.

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