Thursday, 25 September 2014

Walking and Willfulness

Not long after his first birthday, Devon started to take his first steps. He needed a bit of encouragement to start with, but soon he was stepping out on his own and from then on he rapidly improved, and in a matter of weeks he was walking for almost indefinite periods by himself.

He's so pleased with himself, and wants to walk at every opportunity. While this is lovely to watch, I feel like my life has suddenly got harder. Gone are the days I could just pop him in the baby carrier and go shopping and run errands!

Instead we have had several meltdowns in checkout queues, the post office and elsewhere because he simply does not want to be carried anymore. He lasts a bit longer if I put him in the pushchair or a trolley but not much - last week I nearly had a heart attack when I turned to see him standing up on the trolley seat trying to climb out. He was strapped in but those straps are a bit rubbish.

Having a strong willed toddler is hard work! Especially as he's not old enough to be reasoned with or explained to. I try to stay calm and see things from Devon's point of view. I am an adult and in control of my emotions, he is practically still a baby and is only just starting to discover his.

I've decided to just avoid those places for a while (as much as possible), and take him places where he can run around and hopefully once the novelty of walking wears off he won't mind being carried again!

Not helping is that we're also going through a difficult nap transition period. He currently refuses to have two naps a day but one is clearly not enough - and he's not sleeping great at night either because those nasty molars have started making an appearance.

It's a bit 'one step forward two steps back' on this parenting journey!

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