Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas and NYE 2015

After all our travelling and moving and illness we hadn't been feeling very festive at all, but luckily a few days of Christmas songs on the radio and we got firmly into the Christmas spirit just in time. 

Devon's second Christmas was very different to his first.  Rather than just the three of us in hot sunny Perth, we spent this year in a farm cottage in wintery Ilfracombe with all of Nick's family; his Mum and Dad and three brothers.

The drive west went pretty smoothly, with just a bit of traffic at Stonehenge because the Winter Solstice had been celebrated there just that morning and they were still clearing traffic cones. 

Devon slept for a good proportion and the rest of the time we managed to keep him occupied with toys or with a tablet playing Frozen!

The farm cottage was lovely with lots of space and an open fire. Devon roared around the place and loved watching the sheep, horses and dogs outside on the farm.

Christmas day we all chipped in to make Christmas dinner, so Nick's mum Jane could put her feet up! The rest of the day was spent trying to make opening presents go on as long as possible - in Nick's family everyone takes it in turns opening one present at a time!

There was lots of board game playing (once Devon had gone to bed) and Devon got lots of new toys to play with, the trains and cars being firm favourites. 

We also went in to Ilfracombe a few times, for a walk around the harbour and for a couple of pub lunches. 

New Years Eve we went down to the Fox and Hounds, the pub just down the road from Nick's parents, who looked after Devon for us (thank you!) It was actually the first night we have ever had out together since Devon was born 16 months ago. We left after I put Devon to sleep and I got back just after midnight to find he had been awake since 11.30pm. Jane had taken him into the front room for a cuddle and he had watched the fireworks on TV with them quite happily. 

It was the first time I had spent more than 2hrs apart from Devon, and although it was great Nick and I having some adult time with our friends, after 4hrs I was definitely ready to get back for a cuddle with Devon!

2015 is looking pretty good for us, we've got a skiing holiday in Austria in three weeks, my brothers wedding in Italy in May and lots of catching up with friends inbetween. We've also got to find a new home; Nick's still job hunting, and until we know where he will be working, we don't know where we will be living. We are very much looking forward to having our own family home!  

We hope you all enjoyed the festive period and wish you all the best for 2015. xxx

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