Friday, 30 December 2011

Campervan Interior Makeover Begins!

Here are some photos of the current campervan interior:

At the moment it still has all the original fittings and covers, but as you can see it's pretty worn out.

The lining on the roof and sides is so old it disintegrates when you touch it, so that all has to go. I quite like the  brown roof bellows, but there is a rip in it so we will replace this too.

The plan is:
1) Take out and strip all the interior panels and recover.
2) Remove the roof, fix leaking skylight, replace roof bellows.
3) Clean and fix cupboards and units.
4) Fit new fridge and fix sink and tap
5) Replace and cover new bed cushions
6) Replace all curtains
7) Reupholster or cover front seats

All before we sell the house!

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