Friday, 30 December 2011

Colonel Mustard

We bought a campervan! Apparently winter is the time to bag a bargain, as lots are being sold after being used for the summer but there are not that many buyers out there.

We decided on a campervan rather than a motorhome, and although it didn't necessarily have to be a Volkwagen, they are by far the most numerous type of camper on the web. So we spent a few weeks scouring Ebay and Autotrader and after a month of looking found our 1980's yellow VW T25 Devon, christened Colonel Mustard which indeed we got for a bargain. 

It's a bit of a project - the bodywork is not perfect but pretty good for its age, and mechanically it seems fine (we drove it back from Southampton ok) but the interior is pretty grotty - 30 years of grime and mold. So this winter we have something to keep us busy while we wait for our fixed rate mortgage to end (31 March) and we can sell the house and move in!

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