Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Finishing Off The Roof

Today was a very warm and sunny day. So hot that I was working with my shirt off. It's funny to think that a few weeks ago we were working wearing several coats and fleeces and had a heater on in the van, and there was ice on the windows.

We have finally finished the roof, YAY! After the disaster of the horizontal gas strut breaking the roof hinge, we were undecided whether or not to put the horizontal gas strut back on after we'd fixed the hinge. We decided that rather than trying the new 450 Newton again, we'd fit one of the old 300 Newton struts that were weakened to the point where I could compress it by hand. This was so that the roof opened and closed easier, but the hinge wasn't going to break again.

Now that the gas struts were finally finished, it was time to attach the bottom edge of the bellows to the van.

The horizontal gas strut definitely made it easier to open and close the roof, even though it was a very weak one.

1 comment:

  1. The roof is working brilliantly! Goes up and down now with no issues and stays up all by itself. :-)



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