Friday, 16 March 2012

New Table Top

We found the original table in the back of the van. It has a central pole that can fit into the middle of the van, or four legs that can be attached so you can use it outside the van. 

Unfortunately (as with everything else in the van) it was in pretty bad condition and so Nick made a new table top out of MDF.  As I painted it white, I thought 'hmmm.......'  because it would make a perfect spot for a bit of artwork.

I'm not one for making detailed plans so I just made it up as I went along really. I decided on a marine theme  as our plan is to drive around the coast, and the blue background was to match the rest of the van.

You are also getting a sneak peak in this post of the new cupboard Nick is building for the back corner. It's not finished yet but once it is I'm sure Nick will tell you all about it. It looks amazing, really professional.


  1. Thats fantastic Em! Great idea. when you have finished travelling please dont leave it in there! i would love it for my van!

  2. I'm not taking it! I'll paint you another one.



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