Saturday, 12 May 2012

First Camping Trip

We got the brakes fixed yesterday, turned out it was just the calipers that had seized so was a lot cheaper than we were anticipating. The sun had come out for the weekend so we took the van down to Southsea Marina for its first proper outing (well, with us anyway).

A bit of research had told us that this was a bit of an unofficial motorhome stopover and we were surrounded by other, larger motorhomes. You can see why people come here, it's perched on the end of a spit surrounded by water with lovely views all round.

We cooked our first meal in the van!

That bright star in the sky is Venus.

We only stayed one night, as we had stuff to get back for, but it was a tantalising glimpse of what our life will be like in the months to come! We have come away with a list of jobs and little tweaks to do as well.

Hopefully we will be able to get away like this quite often now the van is roadworthy.



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