Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sew Organised

My trusty Singer sewing machine will be one of the last items I sell. I've only had it a couple of years but I can't imagine life without it! Even Nick uses it from time to time. Sewing by hand can be therapeutic but it's sooooo slow.  

I've been trying to use up my box of fabric off-cuts on various projects for the van as it seemed a shame to waste them. Here are some of the results!

I made some canvas seat back organisers for us to keep maps, pens etc. in. Very easy to make. We decided to put the headrests back on so I hung them off these.  

Bunting! Slightly addicted to this stuff..... I have metres and metres of homemade bunting now so if anyone wants some please let me know! Nick has put his foot down and said I'm not allowed any more in the van. 

I've also been madly making little fabric flowers out of tiny fabric scraps, and then attaching velcro to the back so they stick to the blue lining of the van.

Here's a little canvas pouch for keeping cutlery tidy.......

....and this is a canvas case for keeping our barbeque skewers in. Are you starting to think perhaps I have too much time on my hands?!

Finally here are some placemats and coasters I made. As you can see I've tried to keep everything to the same blue/white/red theme I've used throughout the rest of the van.

I've still not finished sewing... I've got a couple more projects to finish off. But it's all coming together! I have been giving lots of thought to what we are taking in the van and how it will all be organised. Everything has to have a place otherwise we won't be able to find anything when we need it.....


  1. I still think you should bring it with you. Check out your baggage allowance when you come over - i'm fairly sure you will get double allowance like we did. then we can sew together!

    Although like you said maybe we should get an industrial one between us!

  2. Yes we will get 40kg each so we will see - but I'll probably just get a new one out there!



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