Saturday, 22 February 2014

Devon at 6 months

This month has been a busy one for Devon in terms of development; he really seems like a different baby compared to one month ago! 

He started the month by learning to sit (unsupported) and stand (supported). Next came a massive increase in his curiosity and suddenly he wanted everything he could get his hands on; faces, hands, watches, clothes, the cat, furniture, cushions, towels, food, drink, nothing was safe from his little hands. And of course everything he grasps goes in the mouth!

He's also now babbling away ('ma-ma-ma' and 'ba-ba-ba' etc) and making noises that sound suspiciously like real words ('eggs' and 'onion' appear to be favourites).

He lifts his arms up when he wants to be picked up, and when he wants a cuddle. It's very cute. And when he wants a feed he pulls at my top and lunges at me with his mouth open. He's starting to lunge forward for things out of his reach too, the first signs he has shown of wanting to get mobile!

Of course all this new-found interest in the world around him means he gets bored if he stays in the same place for too long or doesn't get new things to play with. He's mostly bored of his toys now so we find ourselves giving him water bottles, coat hangers and stubby holders to play with. 

We have also tried to give him lots of new experiences; I've taken him to a couple of local art galleries, we've been to the beach, had lots picnics in the park, been on a few bush walks and I take him for a daily walk around the garden and talk to him about the wildlife we see. We also went out for our first evening meal to a restaurant and it went ok!

It's becoming really obvious how much Devon loves being outside. He can be in a right grump indoors, take him out on the veranda and he's instantly happy! 

I was really hoping we would have taken him camping by now, but to be honest camping takes time and energy to organise for just two people, let alone taking a baby along. And spare time and energy are in short supply around here. I'm convinced Devon would enjoy it though.

We have committed to a 10 day camping trip to Kalbarri in April though, so we need to have at least one trial run weekend before then I think.

Please take me camping Daddy!

After trying baby rice at 5 months we then tried him with some mashed banana, and mashed avocado, both of which he liked. I then gave up with the solids for a while because Devon became far more interested in grabbing the spoon and bowl from me than actually eating! So the vast majority of the month he just had milk feeds.

But the past few days we have started him on finger foods, and he is doing great. I really like the idea that he just has a bit of whatever we eat. So far he has tried melon, cucumber, cooked red pepper, cous-cous, beef, chicken and pork. He loves the meat! We cut them up into long chunky strips and he picks it up and chews and sucks it himself. I'm not sure how much he actually eats but it is all good practise for him.

He is also doing really well with a sippy cup, he can practically use it himself, he just doesn't tip the cup quite high enough yet.

Pork and cous cous for dinner
In addition to all that, Devon caught his first cold and his first tooth is starting to come through! This has meant a few unsettled days and nights, but on the whole he has been a happier baby this month and is (slowly) starting to sleep longer. We have had a few 6-7 hour stretches at night recently, which has been brilliant.

I'm really looking forward to the next six months. I feel like we have got the hardest part done, now the fun can start!   

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