Monday, 17 March 2014

Out and About

Last week we had the first rainfall in over 100 days! It only lasted about 10 mins but we got very excited. Perth is the sunniest state capital in Australia and, although the heat gets a bit oppressive at times,  it is great being able to get outdoors so much. During the summer there are free events and concerts every weekend, here are some we have been to recently.

Retro Rewind
This was a free concert in Yanchep national park. We took a picnic (well we picked up Subway en-route) and spent a few hours watching some 60's and 70's music and checking out the koala enclosure in the park.

Sculptures by the Sea
Nick surprised me last week by taking a day off  as it was our 9 year anniversary (crumbs where has that time gone!). We decided to go to Sculptures by the Sea which is a big outdoor art exhibition right on the beach at Cottesloe. It was a really hot day and the usual sea breeze was absent but it was still worth it to see all the sculptures in this beautiful setting.

Mandurah Crab Fest
Should have just been called Mandurah Fest as there was disappointingly few references to crabs.There was some live music, cooking demonstrations, market stalls, skateboarding and BMX ramps and some childrens activities. I was sure I would be able to get Devon a soft toy crab but alas no. We did get him a little hippy hoodie and some wooden instruments though (things that make a noise are his thing at the moment).
We got there early thank goodness as by midday it was heaving.

As you may have noticed, we use our baby carrier A LOT. It is by far the most useful baby item we own. I love our buggy but unfortunately Devon doesn't feel the same way. In contrast he rarely cries or fusses in the carrier, and if we are out for a while in it then he usually falls asleep. It's comfy and you are free to go wherever you want; stairs, sand, crowds are all easy peasy. We got an Ergobaby carrier, a bit pricey but worth it in my opinion.

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