Thursday, 13 November 2014

An Update...

The flights and shipping are booked, both Devon's passports have arrived and there's now only three weeks to go until we go back to the UK. We can't believe how quickly it has come around.

We are feeling a bit in limbo at the moment, it's a bit too early to pack, we use most of our stuff on a daily basis.

Although we can't quite fit everything into the four suitcases we arrived with, we haven't amassed too much stuff (just some nice camping equipment and old toys and clothes for Devon that we want to keep). We have booked a Move Cube for the stuff we are keeping, which leaves on the 2nd of December (three days before we fly). This is a small crate that the shipping company drops off in the morning on a trailer, we pack it, and then it gets picked up later on in the day. A few months later the crate gets dropped off in the UK.

The weather has started to warm up here now, so I know it will be quite a shock stepping out that plane at Heathrow in December! I'm not sure how much Devon will enjoy suddenly being bundled up so much! We've heard that an extra cold and snowy winter is being predicted, and Nick is hoping they're right, because winter is one of the things he has missed!

Devon absolutely loves being outside. He now brings us his shoes and hat if he wants to go out, and some days he just spends hours roaming the garden exploring.

We are hoping we will be able to rent somewhere more rural once we get back to the UK so Devon doesn't miss out on having that access to outdoor space.

The plan for the next few years is for Nick to carry on working as a business analyst while I look after Devon full time. Initially we will stay with Nick's parents in Denmead until we can find a place of our own, hopefully somewhere on the south coast. We'll definitely be renting so we can keep things flexible. While Devon is still young we would love to be able to fit in a few extended holidays, possibly involving a campervan!

I'm absolutely intending to return to accounting work at some point, but I'm also keen to keep making and crafting for my Etsy shop. It's so nice having a creative outlet and although it doesn't make much profit, it helps pay for my art and craft supplies! I know I am so lucky to have been able to spend all this time at home with Devon.

Of course this blog will continue indefinitely... even if no one else reads it, we love being able to look back at our lives and read what we were thinking at the time!

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