Thursday, 4 December 2014

Our last week in Australia...

This will be our last post from Australia! Tomorrow we get on a plane after almost exactly two years to the day since we arrived. We're leaving with a lot more than we came with that's for sure.

I can't quite believe how quickly it's come around.

We are feeling a bit strange, very excited to see everyone back home, but also very sad that we have to say goodbye to loved ones here. I know the first few months in the UK will be exciting but I hope we still feel we have made the right decision in a years time!

This past week we have been packing, sorting, closing accounts and cancelling policies. 

Last Saturday we had a small gathering to say goodbye to some of our friends here in Australia. We have met some great people who we will definitely be staying in touch with.

Then on the Sunday we went to Whitemans park for a picnic with my family.

On Monday we spent the day packing everything up (easier said than done with Devon running around).

And then on Tuesday our MoveCube crate was dropped off to be packed, and then collected again later that day. It felt weird seeing all our things driven away, not to be seen again for several months.

Today we said goodbye to Moira and her little girl Winnie, who was born the day after Devon. Moira and I met while pregnant at a yoga class. It feels like we've been through a lot together! We both had relatively high-needs babies so being able to talk about our experiences as new mums and console each other through the challenging times has been so important.  Devon and I are really going to miss our chats and playdates.

Now there are just a few more loose ends to tidy and to prepare for that flight!

To be honest I am a bit nervous about it all... Devon is such an active little boy, I really don't know how he will cope being sat on our laps for 20 hours. Jet lag isn't going to be fun either.... Devon has only just started sleeping better so I hope he can adjust quickly.

All in all it's going to be a lot of change for the little guy, so we'll just have to try and help him through it as best we can.

Wish us luck!

E, N & D x

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  1. Loving your blog. I am going to become a Smallards stalker! XXX



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