Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Back in the UK!

Well we made it, we're finally here, back in the UK after a tiring 26 hours of travelling with a 15 month old.

The flights were no where near as bad as I thought they would be. Devon slept for 6hrs out of 11hrs in the air for the first flight, then for 2hrs out of 7hrs for the second. The rest of the time he watched films, or played with toys on the floor and we only had relatively few occasions where he cried or grizzled, usually on take off and landing when I had to hold him on my lap.

Nick and I didn't get much sleep though, Devon had to sleep on our laps (mostly mine) because he was too big for a bassinet so I found the whole journey pretty uncomfortable (not helped by the fact that I bruised my coccyx a month or so ago).

We still booked the bassinet seats for both flights, even though Devon was too big for it, because you got much more legroom and there was space for Devon to play on the floor in front of us. 

Devon is still breastfeeding and this was really handy on the flight, it meant I could feed him on take off and landing to help with his ears and it helped get him off to sleep.  

By the time we landed in Heathrow, Devon had really had enough though.  I hoped he would fall asleep in the car but he cried most of the way instead, falling asleep literally just around the corner from Nick's parents house.

I put him to bed once we got there and he slept for 14 hours, just waking a couple of times for a feed. 

So many people texted or messaged me before we left, telling me how cold it is at the moment in the UK! And yes, it is pretty fresh out there. Devon had a little run around and didn't seem to notice too much, although I think trying to keep mittens on him is going to be difficult.

We've been taking it easy so far, Devon is a bit out of sorts with the jetlag and all the change. Both him and I have also been sick, not sure if this is a bug we picked up on the plane or just due to the body clock adjustment.

We did make it round for a quick visit to see Boris though. Devon grissled for a bit then fell asleep on my lap, bless him.

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  1. Yay, glad to hear that you made it! Winnie is loving the photos. Same old here, sunny, warm etc. Had problems with my car so haven't been to collect the 'm' yet. Saw playgroup Gemma in Coles and got the wrong Wednesday so didn't see Nat and Crystal at Whiteman Park... Made a Christmas pudding - it is steaming away as we speak, and finally getting some gardening done in the mornings before it gets too hot.
    Looking forward to the next installment
    Winnie and Me xxx



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