Sunday, 10 May 2015

Settling In

Five weeks ago we moved from Nick's parents' in Denmead into our new house in Westbourne. It felt so significant for us, it's the first time we have have our own home in nearly three years! And it's the first time Devon has lived with just Nick and I!

We hired a van to move our enormous mattress (superking - because we all bundle on together) and the week after we moved in our crate of stuff from Australia was delivered. It was like Christmas opening up all the boxes, especially for Devon finding all his toys again.

The first few days seemed so quiet! Especially since Nick started his new job and it was just Devon and I at home during the day. But we soon got into the swing of things and have been having fun playing in the garden, doing art and getting messy, as well as checking out the local playgroups. 

So far we absolutely love our new house. The amount of space we have seems so indulgent. It really didn't take long to unpack either, and lots of stuff (camping gear, etc.) just went straight into storage in the workshop.

Our bedroom looks out over fields, and during the first week it was filled with sheep and their lambs.

We've even been able to light the fire on a few of the colder days.

Devon has settled in amazingly quickly and loves the garden, I think he would be out there all day every day if he could. 

So I think we may be here a while!

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