Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Malcesine, Italy

A few weeks ago we visited Malcesine, a town on the shore of Lake Garda in Italy. My brother decided to get married to his lovely girlfriend Jo and they choose this beautiful place to do it. It was a really special day, the ceremony was held in the castle grounds (performed in italian) and they organised a boat trip around the lake as part of the day's festivities. My parents and brother came over from Australia to attend so it was the first time our whole family had been together for many years!

We decided to stay for the whole week to make the most of it. The town was a maze of cobbled streets, cafes and restaurants, next to the huge blue Lake Garda and towered over by mountain ranges. It was hot and sunny for the first few days but rained and cooled off a bit towards the end of the week.

We explored the town, ate lots of pasta and pizza, drank lots of coffee (once we discovered that 'latte' means just milk not a milky coffee) and took the gondala up the mountain. We also did a lot of lounging around at our appartment, which had a big sun terrace complete with bean bags!

Travelling with a toddler, for the most part, seemed considerably easier than in previous months. Whether this as due to Devon becoming naturally more easy-going as he gets older, or Nick and I becoming better at dealing with Devon and nipping tantrums in the bud, I'm not sure. Probably both.

Having an appartment with lots of space definitely helped, and Devon actually loved all the travelling. We sat in the airport just watching the planes take off . The flight back wasn't full so we got an extra seat for Devon (for free) and that made so much difference to all our comfort levels!

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