Saturday, 8 December 2012

Job Hunting

We went into Perth city centre last week to chat to some recruitment agents. Having not worked for the past nine months we have pretty much spent ALL our savings and need to start accumulating funds again.

We have been pleasantly surprised by how much we can earn over here... the Perth economy is doing well (due to the mining boom) and there are plenty of jobs around for both of us, paying at least double what we could earn in the UK. The cost of living is definitely higher here, but certainty not double.

A nice surprise has been that Nick's skills appear to be very much in demand! While I have been told that most of Perth shuts down over Christmas and not to expect much until the new year, Nick already has two job interviews lined up for next week. One is for a motorcycle company and they sound really keen!

In other news we have been packing up my parent's house as we are due to move in two weeks. This involves one person packing while the other keeps the extremely mischievous kitten occupied that my parents have recently adopted!

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