Friday, 14 December 2012

Why Germknödel?

So, we had to change the name of our blog because 'Home is where you park it' was no longer appropriate. We wanted to change it to something that was not just descriptive of our current situation (e.g. 'Down Under', or something like that) because if our situation changes in the future, we'd have to change the blog name again. We therefore chose something that was not specific to anything, so that whatever we blog about, it won't conflict with the blog title.

So, following Emma's mum's suggestion of picking a random word that we like, we have chosen Germknödel. A Germknödel is an Austrian dish which translates as 'yeast dumpling'. We discovered Germknödels when on a skiing holiday and we saw people having a huge delicious looking pudding covered in custard. We had to ask someone what it was and we ordered one. Wikipedia describe it as "a fluffy yeast dough dumpling with a mix of poppy seeds and sugar, filled with spicy plum jam and melted butter on top, often eaten with vanilla cream sauce. It is a culinary speciality of AustriaBavaria, and Bohemia. The dish is served both as a dessert and as a main course"

So that's it. Strange at first but we think something that people will get used to. Like FaceBook, that sounded weird at first, now it's part of our everyday vocabulary (not that I'm suggesting our blog will become as renowned as FaceBook, but you get the idea).

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