Monday, 10 December 2012

New Blog Name Coming Soon!

We have been thinking for a while about changing the name of this blog.

Originally we started this blog to document all that we have done to our VW campervan, in case what we learnt along the way might be useful to others.

It then turned into a bit of a travel blog as we documented our adventures around the UK in the campervan (and then the bell tent!).

'Home is where you park it' summarises everything we were doing, selling up, moving into a campervan, and becoming temporarily nomadic!

Now the blog has turned into a record of our lives as we document our move to Australia and try to live simply, making more out of less and having as much fun as we can in the process.

But the name now doesn't quite fit and we wanted a name that meant we could blog about all aspects of our lives, now and into the future.

We have been thinking for ages about it and everything we came up with was too corny, or too long. Nick came up with an (apparently) amazing name in his sleep but couldn't remember it when he woke.

So my Mum said, just pick a random word you like. So that's what we have done, and all will be revealed soon!

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