Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A Christmas in June

We have been spending a lot of time sitting outside in the sun drinking tea.

The days may be short and the sun low in the sky, but other than that you would not know we are currently in the depths of winter. Daytime temperatures are a blissful 20-23 degrees, and overnight it barely drops below 10. 

Apart from tea drinking we have mostly been taking things easy, as I am finding my extra weight increasingly hard on my legs and feet. (I've put on about 2.5 stone so far. Crumbs.)

We found a really quirky little restaurant called Cafe Mueller, not far from where we live the other day, run by two German guys from their house and serving a set menu of German fare. Not only was the food great but it almost felt like we were in an Austrian ski restaurant half way up a mountain. 

We also had a little winter solstice celebration to mark the passing of the shortest day. Some Australians like to celebrate Christmas in July (I'm not sure why July rather than June) - it's a chance to have a log fire, cook a roast and drink mulled wine without the scorching summer temperatures of December. In fact December Christmas celebrations here are decidly un-Christmassy - barbeques on the beach for example. 

We cooked a ham, had cheese and biscuits, mulled wine and chocolates all with the fire going and some decorations around the place.

Although it really wasn't a cold night and we ended up opening the window at one point to cool the room down.


  1. we have similar temperatures here.. but its the english "summer"! its actually more realistic to celebrate xmas in summer as (no doubt you already know) the celebration was moved to december to hijack the pagan new year. the fictional charater jesus was (according to the fictional book, the bible) born in the summer months june/july. youre looking good out there, speshly you em looking gorge x x xwhens baby smallard due to appear?!

    1. Hey buddy. Little Smallard is due 22nd August, in about seven weeks. Hope you are all well :-)



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