Sunday, 28 July 2013


Who could of missed the arrival of the royal baby this week! I'm not normally interested in other people's babies or following the monarchy around like celebrities, but being only four weeks away from my due date I couldn't help but smile when I saw the pictures of William and Kate holding their new son George. William was born one month before I was, and now his child has been born one month before mine is due.

It's starting to feel like I've been pregnant A LONG TIME! We are both ready and raring to go, hospital bag packed, car seat installed, cot set up in our room. Tiny babygrows folded in our drawers. Watching 'One born very minute' on Youtube and thinking all these women are making a right meal of it (#naivemuch).

This week I celebrated my 31st birthday, normally I get excited about birthdays but I've been kind of pre-occupied counting down to my baby's birthday instead this year.

Never the less we still went out for a few excursions, making the most of the few weekends left where it is still just the two of us.

Last weekend we headed over to Hilary's Boat Harbour, a marina north of Perth where there are lots of restaurants and shops. We had lunch in the Breakwater bar with our friends Louise and Nathan.

While there we paid a visit to the Aquarium of Western Australia, which is just next to the harbour and features all marine life from up and down the coast of Western Australia. Good to see because Nick refuses to go snorkelling because of all the shark attacks we get here!

Since we don't get to go to the coast much, after visiting the aquarium we decided to stick around to watch the Sun set over the ocean, a beautiful sight we haven't witnessed yet since we have been here. We drove down to Scarborough beach, a popular one with surfers and got some fish and chips.

This weekend we visited Claisebrook Cove, a small inlet of the Swan River near the city where there are a few bars and restaurants. We ate at a restaurant called Blackbird, a small cosy little place where the food was excellent and I was able to order a non-alcoholic Mohito cocktail.

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