Sunday, 20 October 2013

Nick's Parents Come to Stay

These past three weeks Nick's parents Jane and Dave have been here, visiting from the UK. It has been 10 months since we waved them goodbye at Heathrow, and of course they got to meet Devon, their grandson for the first time!

It has been lovely having them here, showing them where we live, and it's been such a help having extra hands around the house.

The day they arrived Devon was not having a good spell, he seemed to be either crying, eating or sleeping and not a lot else. But within a couple of days he grew into a different baby, giggling, laughing and looking all around him so I think he was having a little growth spurt or something.

We tried to get out and about doing touristy things for the first two weeks whenever the weather was nice, visiting Caversham Wildlife Park, Perth, Fremantle, Mundaring, and having  barbeques and picnics.

During the last week, we rented a holiday home in Dunsborough, three hours south of Perth. We could see the sea from the living room sofa, so we spent a lot of time sitting around, drinking tea and watching the world go by. Plus with Devon, we couldn't do too much exploring as it got usually got a bit overwhelming for him. Unfortunately he is not really a fan of the car seat, and although he usually falls asleep we had a couple of instances where he would wake up and scream and scream because he wanted to be picked up and we'd have to pull over to calm him down.

Little Devon is now two months old! He really is a different baby now from 4 weeks ago. I see newborns out and about and I can't believe Devon was ever that small. As it turns out, although he was below average weight at birth he has now turned into a bit of a chunk and is now well above average. He has outgrown another set of baby onesies and is now in 3-6mth clothes! Must be all that nourishing breastmilk!

I'm still breastfeeding, which I love, but I do find it quite demanding. We have only had limited success getting Devon to take my milk from a bottle which means I can't really be apart from him for any significant length of time, as he feeds on demand and not really on any set schedule. Not that I mind that much, it will only be a few more months before he starts solids anyway.

Devon's sleep schedule is just as unpredictable, he will sleep 7hrs one night (it's heaven when that happens!) then be up every hour throughout the next night.

But looking after this little urchin is definitely getting easier and easier, as we all get more familiar with each other and Devon's personality starts to emerge. We just love watching him learn about the world.

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