Saturday, 2 November 2013

Another Bibbulmun Track Hike

Last weekend I went out for another hike on the Bibbulmun track. This time it was an overnight hike. About 5.5 miles in from the Brookton Highway, to the Canning camp hut; then back out the next morning.

The Scouts were doing an unaided 24 hour hike towards earning an Explorer badge, so the scouts set off on their own and we followed a half hour behind, and gave no assistance when camping. There were no issues at all, so all was well.

The only issue that did occur, was the Ticks! I only had three take hold, but the other two leaders with me must have had more appealing blood, as between then they picked up about 25.

The head nets were definitely required.

This was my set-up for the night. A basha and the inner from our two man tent suspended below it. It wasn't perfect but I didn't have time to buy a proper mosquito bivvy.

Red tree sap.

Rory removing a tick I think.

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