Monday, 11 June 2012

Week 4 Hair Update

I thought I'd put on a quick photo showing the state of my hair after four weeks of not washing it. It hasn't magically cleaned itself  - although the roots no longer feel greasy.

I think the key now is to keep brushing it to distribute any remaining oils down the whole length of the hair, and hopefully my scalp won't produce loads more.

I'm pretty pleased with it, it's definitely less frizzy  and really easy to detangle after just washing with water (and my hair usually gets full of tangles being long and curly).

So I'm going to keep going for another month or so to see if it gets any better.


  1. it still looks beautiful - its very long!

  2. It's even longer when i brush it straight - as it gets longer I think the curls just get tighter at the ends!



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