Friday, 1 June 2012

The New Forest

While most Britons have been enjoying the warmth and sunshine over the past couple of weeks, poor Nick has been stuck inside after a widespread bout of heat rash. So when the weather forecast predicted some lower temperatures, some cloud, and even a possible spot of rain, we got excited and took the van out. To make extra sure it would be cool and shady we headed to the New Forest.

The New Forest is one of the last remaining patches of ancient English woodland, which was saved from the chop by William the Conqueror decreeing the area as his hunting ground (and kicking out all the locals that lived there).

Anyway we headed to a site called Hollands Wood (which is massive) and it being a Wednesday was mostly empty and quiet. 

Nick decided he prefers woodlands to the coast. Myself I think I prefer the coast. So I think we will be taking it in turns to pick campsites (or, better still, looking out for woodland campsites next to the coast).

We set up the windbreak and table to create a sheltered cooking area.

Animals such as horses and ponies roam wild around the New Forest, and wander throughout the campsite munching on grass.

We picked up some local strawberries in nearby village Brockenhurst.

We packed up on Friday as the campsite was starting to fill up for the Jubilee long weekend. 

The van seemed to be running ok, a bit chuggy when the engine was running cold but fine after that.

However we did then discover on the way home after completely filling up the fuel tank that there is a leak somewhere. It must be near the top, as we have half filled the tank before and never noticed it leaking. 

Something else to get sorted before we go!

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