Tuesday, 19 June 2012


One of the good things about not having a job is that it frees you up to go off Geocaching. Emma and I went out the other day on a circular route of 24 caches a short drive from our house. Unfortunately we only found 11, largely due to not writing down all the clues; we only took the coordinates with us.

We're planning on doing lots of Geocaching when on our travels, as it adds an extra bit of adventure to walking the countryside.

For those of you who don't know what Geocaching is; it's a network of hidden caches, the coordinates of which are published on www.geocaching.com for other people to find. A normal cache will consist of a log book for you to log your visit; you can then also log your visit on the website. Some of them have small items in, and you can take one as long as you replace it with something else; or you can just add to the items without taking anything, or you can just sign the log. It is also important for people who are not "cachers" to not see what you are doing, in case they go over after you're gone and disrupt a cache.

It's a great thing to do for those who don't like walking aimlessly without a purpose, but want to get out and about in the countryside. However, not all Geocaches are in the countryside; they are also in cities and suburbs, and there are over 67,000 caches hidden all over the UK, and 1,798,456 worldwide.

Time for a spot of tea on the way.


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