Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I can't wait for this house sale to be over so we can get going on our adventure. One benefit to having extra time is that we have been able to work on little tweaks to the van that might have been more difficult to do while on the road.

For example we discovered that our 10 litre water tank really wasn't big enough. So we upgraded to a 25 litre one. The curtains I made let far too much light in around the gaps so I made some modifications (made them longer, added magnets and sewed multiple small curtains into longer ones). The small fold down cupboard door made a good table so I painted and varnished the inside. 

And, we really needed to sort out our clothing organisation. Everything just got chucked and piled into our back corner cupboard, which is fine for a weekend but not for a couple of months. 

So we added a rail and a few storage boxes, and voila!

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