Thursday, 5 July 2012

Nearly There...

Over the last week we have had a massive clear out of the last few bits of furniture and other stuff. We are sleeping on a mattress on the floor and sitting on deckchairs in the living room. 

We have got rid of so much stuff over the past few months. We have only owned a house together for 4 years so you wouldn't think there would be that much accumulated but you would be surprised. And the weird thing is that we don't miss any of the possessions we have got rid of. 

We have been ruthless. If an item of clothing hasn't been worn for a year it goes to charity. All books have gone to charity. Old school books, diaries, and art work has all gone in the recycle bin. 

The aim is to take three suitcases, one art folder, one guitar and one harp to Australia and nothing else. 

And our house seems ridiculously massive with nothing in it. It's only a three bed but it seems so big and empty. We could literally move everything we own now into one room and live there. We have realised that we bought a big house to store possesions we don't even care about. Very silly. 

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