Saturday, 14 July 2012

Portchester Castle

We recently visited nearby Portchester Castle (in the rain). Before Portsmouth was established as a significant military naval port, Porchester, across the harbour was an important Roman, Saxon and Medieval fort. The area is now managed by English Heritage. Within the Roman fort walls there is the remains of a Medieval castle, and a 12th century church called St Mary's (where Nick's parents got married!). I got some inspiration for another coastal watercolour as well. 

I painted a watercolour of the view from the top of the castle keep, the church within the roman walls, with Portsmouth Harbour in the background.

As it was raining, the place was empty (I think we timed it well, as three coach-loads of primary school kids and Spanish students were leaving as we arrived)!

The UK is full of amazing little places like this, the result of our colourful history. I wonder how many people actually go out and see these places for themselves, especially ones right on their doorstep. We have had three months of rain when we should have had a summer... but that's no excuse, this place was actually better in the rain. More atmospheric, quieter, and the sound of the rain on the lead ceiling of the keep was immense!

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