Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Battle and Pottering Around East Sussex

After our quick foray into Kent we headed back out into East Sussex for a couple of days. We spent a couple of days chilling out and recharging (ourselves and batteries) in a small C&CC site in a small village called Stonegate.

We had a bit of rain but then were treated to a big rainbow.

We then had a bit of nightmare trying to get to our next site as every road we wanted to go down seemed to be closed! East Sussex countryside is lovely but SO many roadworks.

We were going to go to Eastbourne but it didn't seem to work out after we had been diverted miles out of the way so we spent some time in Battle instead, which we inadvertently ended up in.

Battle is where the Battle of Hastings (1066 and all that) took place. We didn't visit the actual battle ground as English Heritage wanted £7.50 each and we are umemployed you know!

Our next site was next to a nature reserve called Stoneywish in the village of Ditchling. We were about to turn right into the road and there was another 'road closed' sign! We followed a really long diversion just to end up being directed by a workman back to the where we started.

Eventually we found the site. This campsite was a basic site (just a tap and a toilet in a field) but it was cheap (well cheap-ish - for East Sussex - £10 a night). As we turned up, another VW camper (T5) was just leaving and we spent the whole night on our own.

You could have campfires here so we got one started and cooked our dinner on it and used it for warming water all night. It was pretty windy so we kept getting smoke blown at us, and by the end of the night we ended up stinking of smoke.

We decided to just spend one night here as it was a bit weird being all by ourselves - even the campsite office was empty from 5pm and we had no mobile signal whatsoever. Plus we both needed showers and some laundry facilities!

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