Sunday, 22 July 2012

First Stop.... Littlehampton

Well it has been a manic couple of days, as we became homeless and attempted to cram our remaining possessions into our van. The weather had suddenly become glorious and so we were eager to set off as soon as possible. We have to be back in Portsmouth on the 4 August for a wedding so we are planning on doing a bit of a loop around the South East coast for the next couple of weeks.

Our first stop is in the seaside town of Littlehampton in West Sussex. We were worried we wouldn't find a campsite it being the first week of the school holidays and the first good weather we have had in months, but we found a site called Daisyfields that had plenty of space. 

The very best thing about having a campervan is that all you have to do is pull in, and put the handbrake on and you're camping. No messing around with tent poles, groundsheets, air mattresses.

First thing was to walk into the town centre for some supplies and to get some dinner. On the way there Nick's flipflop broke so we had to do a quick patch up job with some hairbands.

 It was after 4pm on a Sunday but lucky for us we found a Lidl open and managed to pick up a cheap pair of reef shoes for Nick to wear until he can get new thongs.

Littlehampton town was fairly quiet, but once we got to the riverside it was packed with families getting ice creams and fish and chips in the blazing heat of July. It was such a contrast to the weather of recent weeks.

And it started to sink in that this is it! Everything we have been waiting for over the last few years is finally clicking into place. And we had a glass of wine to that.

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