Sunday, 29 July 2012

Dungeness to Tenterden

After Rye were drove to into Kent to the area known as Romney Marsh. The whole area used to be under the sea so is unsurprisingly very flat (making for a happy campervan). We stayed in a lovely little campsite on a farm and I made friends with a butterfly. It absolutely chucked it down during the night but we woke to sunshine.

We then went on to a place called Dungeness. The whole area is a RSPB nature reserve, and it is a really weird place, with wide open expanses of wild flowers and shingle, bits of broken and discarded boats and machinery lying around, and an almost eerie air to it. There is a massive power station, two lighthouses, a wide shingle beach and loads of little wooden houses and shacks where people obviously come to get away from it all.

I thought our van fitted in quite well; a bit rusty, a bit old but well lived in.

Even though it was quite warm, the clouds were quite dark and the whole place was very atmospheric, like you would imagine life after a nuclear war or something. Bright sunshine would not have looked right here.

We stopped here to pick up some fish to barbeque for dinner.

On the way out of Dungeness we planned to stop at the first petrol station as we were getting low on fuel. Unfortunately we didn't quite make it to the petrol station and the van cut out less than a mile away, oops! We pulled over and put the hazards on, and Nick walked up to get a can of petrol. Unfortunately, having the hazards on for half an hour and then trying to get it started again had drained the battery! Out came the nice AA man to jump start us and we were on our way again. Lesson learnt - do not run out of petrol again! In our defence the petrol indicator must be a bit out as it wasn't showing as completely empty.

Our mpaac is dropping (miles per AA callout)!

We then headed into the Kent countryside where we could cruise along with no one in front or behind, and we passed some lovely little villages. We stopped for lunch in Tenterden where I remarked that I needed a book to read. We passed a corner and there was a second hand book fair and I found exactly what I wanted for £1.50. Bargain.

We are heading back to Hampshire now for a couple of weddings of some good friends.

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