Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Brighton and the big 3-0

Yesterday I turned 30, so to celebrate we thought we'd get the train from Littlehampton to Brighton to spend the day looking around, and then back to the campsite in the evening for some champagne and games.

We spent the morning booking our one-way flights to Australia! Then at lunchtime we set off to Brighton.

Brighton was mobbed! We had lunch on the seafront, and had a wander around the Lanes and picked up some more supplies. 

On the way back we had to go on a bit of mission to find a Halfords as we had noticed the wheels were making a bit of a knocking noise. Nick was fairly confident the wheel nuts needed tightening but didn't have the tool he needed.

It was then back to the campsite for a barbeque and some drinks.

To celebrate both my birthday and finally setting off we treated ourselves to a bottle of pink Moet with strawberries.

As night closed in we retreated to the van for a few games of Carcasonne!

All in all a lovely birthday. Can't believe how lucky we are being with this weather!

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  1. Happy birthday for last week. I have been spending a delightful while reading my way through your adventures. We are Aussies who live in Brisbane, Qld. We have some family and friends in WA. Perth and just south.
    You are doing what hubby and I dream of doing when our kids are grown.Our youngest is 16 so it is getting closer. :)



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