Sunday, 11 November 2012

Back into England

Aah it feels good to be back on English soil! Strange that although I've always thought of myself as British, when you are in Scotland and Wales you can't help but notice they are separate countries with their own identities and money and language and you do feel like a foreign tourist at times! And the further south we go, the easier it is to understand everyone!

So we stopped first in the small town of Berwick upon Tweed, right on the border. During its history it has belonged to both Scotland and England, as well as neither. Due to an administrative error it is apparently still at war with Russia (Wikipedia assures me this is just an urban myth though).

We had a wander around the old quay, and walls and fortifications, it was the type of place we like.

Next we headed further down the North East coast to Holy Island. Although you can drive to the island, you have to check the tide times as the causeway floods at high tides. We were clear to drive on and off between 12.40 and 20.00, so we drove across and had a look about. It's a pretty quiet place this time of year. The castle, Lindisfarne was also closed.

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