Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Chelmsford; my home town

We drove down from Norfolk, to Essex, where we are staying in Chelmsford with my brother James and his girlfriend Jo.

Chelmsford is where I was born and spent the majority of the first 18 years of my life. It has changed so much since I left it to go off to uni, and I'm not sure all the changes have been good.

But I wanted to go and visit all the places I remember from my childhood a final time before I head off for the other side of the world!

New bars and restaurants have sprung up from nowhere while the old historic buildings of Chelmsford have been forgotten. We went out for dinner one night and I thought it quite telling that we avoided all the multiple chain restaurants in the town centre and drove for 20 mins to eat in a traditional country pub.


While staying with James and Jo I painted a mural for their nursery (they have a little baby girl on the way).

We have come to the end of our UK travels. Tomorrow we drive back to Portsmouth, where we begin making our final preparations for leaving. We've got a leaving party to prepare for, and we need to figure out how to squeeze our remaining possessions into four suitcases.

We've seen some amazing sites, Britain is a truly beautiful place. I think you would need several years of travelling to see it all.

But we're ready for what's next: a period of staying put. I miss proper cooking, my sewing machine and having space to paint. Nick misses his tools and a workshop to potter around in. We've run out of money and need to start earning more, but we don't dread getting jobs in Australia, we're so excited about this new start.

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