Thursday, 15 November 2012


Maybe we made a mistake, but Grimsby and Skegness didn't sound like nice places, so we skipped on down to Norfolk after we had finished in Yorkshire.

We drove in via Kings Lynn, and Norfolk is what they all say, ridiculously flat. You can see tiny trees and pylons and buildings right off in the distance. And the whole place smells of cauliflower and cabbage as there were thousands of them growing off in all directions.

But after we had driven through Kings Lynn and up to the North coast of Norfolk, the earth definitely got more undulating so it's not all flat as a pancake.

The villages round here are absolutely beautiful. All the houses and cottages are covered in flint and made from natural materials. The only way to tell the new houses from the old houses is that the new ones are straighter. Every village has a church and/or windmill. And all the villages have there own individual colourful plaque or sign with their name on. It's a shame that so many of the cottages are now holiday homes I think.

We stayed in the small village of Burnham Deepdale, and explored along the coast until we got to Cromer. Near where we camped, Nelson was born, and the creeks here are where he learned to sail. So a nice little connection to Portsmouth and the Victory.

Poor Cromer is looking a bit sorry for itself, lots of boarded up shops. Best to stick to the villages I think if you ever come here.

We ate mussels harvested literally metres away, they were delicious. Unfortunately we couldn't find any fresh Cromer crab while we were there.

We also frequently heard thousands of geese passing us overhead in various 'V' configurations.

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