Friday, 9 November 2012

Edinburgh & Leith

After Inverness we drove south, through the Cairngorms national park, to Scotland's capital city.

The Cairngorms looked lovely. Not as dramatic and rugged as the highlands, but vast and more homely somehow. Alas we didn't really have much time to explore. There was still a bit of snow left on top of the mountains.

We arrived in Edinburgh and went off for an explore. We didn't go in the castle as it was £15 each! We liked Edinburgh, it was an interesting city, lots of little alleys and old features if you look out for them. I had no idea those blue police boxes still existed anywhere! But being a capital city, it was full of people and we had had enough after a couple of hours.

So we headed out to Leith, a nearby borough where we were staying in a budget hotel as again we couldn't find any campsites nearby open. Leith was originally the main trade port of Edinburgh so has quite a historic quayside, so we went for a wander as the sun set.

And that's us finished up in Scotland! I'm so glad we made it up here in the end, it was so worth it. I got really excited using Scottish money. And the scenery gets better and better the further north you go.

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