Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A bit of Devon

After Bournemouth, we knew the next scheduled appointment was meeting up with some friends in south Wales at the weekend. That left us five days to get to Wales, an excessive length of time even for our van, so we took a detour via Devon.

We camped on route just outside Bridport at a truck stop. We are trying to stay in these kind of places 50% of the time, as campsites are so expensive nowadays. Loads of other campers and motorhomes stayed the night too.

After that we headed onto Dartmoor National Park. We wanted to check out Grimspound, a bronze age settlement, that we missed last time we came here wild camping last year.

As soon as we got out on the moors, the weather got really bad and we were pounded by high winds and had our faces stung by biting icey rain.

So we had a quick look around the settlement and then got quickly back to the shelter of the van.

We camped in a carpark at the edge of the moor in a village called Belstone.

We turned the heater on for the first time!

The plan was to go for a proper walk on the moors but the weather has been so changeable and we could see the dark clouds hovering permanently over the tors so we headed off to Exeter instead.

As we turned onto the A30 we looked longingly at the exit for Launceston, but took the Exeter exit in the opposite direction. We have decided we are leaving out Cornwall on our tour, as much as we both love it. The main reason for the tour was to see parts of the country we haven't seen before, and we have both been to Cornwall many times and we just haven't got time to get down there.

We've never been to Exeter before but I've read enough Dauphne Du Maurier to know it's an old historic city. It didn't disappoint, loads of old buildings and ruins and we had some lunch down by the quayside.

And now we have taken the nice easy route up to Wales on the M5, stopping midway on the Somerset coast.

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