Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Gower Peninsular

We've spent a very nice first three nights in our new tent on the lovely Gower peninsula in Wales. Looks a bit like the Dartmoor with its rolling heather downs and roaming animals, but with a big difference - dramatic ragged coastal headlands and wide sweeping arcs of sandy beaches all the way round.

Although it looks dark and miserable in these photos it was actually quite mild, with not a drop of rain or a hint of wind while we were there.

We walked from our campsite at Llangennith to the village of Rhossili along the downs, then back along the beach. The rocky feature behind Nick is known as the Worm's Head - and 'worm' is from 'wurm' meaning dragon in viking/old english (I think).

The next day we headed over to the village of Oxwich and went for another walk (attempting to get to Three Cliffs Bay but we didn't quite get there).

Nick had also decided enough was enough - and shaved off the beard.

On our last evening we got a bit of sun so we rushed up to the sand dunes and watched the sunset.

While walking along the beaches we saw a dead sheep, dead seal and a dead dolphin. Nick took pictures but I won't put them on as they are a bit grim.

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