Saturday, 27 October 2012


UK readers may have noticed a slight drop in temperature over the last few days?! We certainty have!

We have been staying at a lovely site overlooking Caerfai Bay in Pembrokeshire. We have been blasted with some pretty strong winds but the tent seems to be holding its own, luckily. And, the campsite has an indoor kitchen with a toaster and microwave that we have been making use of!

On the way here we visited the lovely little seaside town of Tenby.

It's a bit sad coming to seaside resorts out of season, with all the beachside cafes and shops closed for the year. But you know that come next spring, they'll be open again. Well hopefully.

We liked Tenby, with its colourful buildings and windy streets and could have spent longer there I think.

Solva was another colourful little place we passed through, a small harbour village on the way to St Davids.

From our campsite we have direct access to the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. Apparently Lonely Planet recommended it as the top place to visit in the world in 2012, up there with the Inca Trail or Mount Kilimanjaro. While I can't vouch for the latter two, the coastal trail here in Pembrokeshire is pretty spectacular.

Look how blue the sea is here! We walked for a couple of miles around the coast path and it was all stunning. Wish we had time for more!

We cut inland during our walk and headed for the city of St Davids. Britain's smallest city, less than 2,000 residents! More like a village really, but it does have its own cathedral. And a Fat Face store! They get everywhere!

We stopped for lunch in the square where we found a pub with a very welcome open fire going. It's getting pretty chilly outside.

Although it's been cold, luckily its been mostly sunny and stayed mostly dry. We've got a little heater for the tent and plenty of blankets so hopefully we will stay warm enough.

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