Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Well we loved Snowdonia... but Snowdonia didn't really love us! It has rained non-stop since we have been here!

Twice we have tried to go for a walk on Snowdon. The first time the car park was packed and every possible inch of space had a car on it. And every layby for miles around was also full. They don't call this the busiest mountain in Britain for nothing.

The second time the car park was empty, but for good reason as the winds were so strong the car was getting rocked about. I saw a woman try and walk across the car park and she was literally being blown sideways. I really didn't fancy getting blown off a mountain. Then we realised I had left my waterproof trousers in the tent and that was the end of that attempt!

So we have been enjoying the beautiful autumn colours of the forests and the valleys. Much more pleasant if not as dramatic. The colours are so stunning.

We are camped in a lovely farm with views over the forests and distant mountains.

The mountain summits have been constantly shrouded in cloud so we haven't quite had the awesome views you expect in Snowdonia. For example you should be able to see Snowdon in the distance from this viewpoint:

But once you get lower into the river valleys the visibility gets much better and the waterfalls are all gushing violently from all the rain.

On our final morning it stopped raining and snow-topped mountains looked picturesque. However our tent was also covered in ice!

Unfortunately the cold and damp has also stopped my DSLR from working, GRRRR! Hopefully once it warms up again it will start working, fingers crossed.

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