Friday, 5 October 2012

A brief stop in Somerset

We decided to stop for a couple of days on the Somerset coast near Weston-super-mare as it seemed about half way between Exeter and Wales.

Weston-super-mare looked a bit tacky so we headed to a village just south of it called Brean, where it looked like there was a whole line of campsites long the coast.

Most of these looked like massive Haven-holiday type parks but we found one called Northam Farm which looked a bit better and was only £9.50 (a bargain for a site with full facilities).

As we drove through Brean, we noticed a lot of people wearing fancy dress. And lots of flags... and we started to notice a theme....

At the reception of Northam Farm the girl said 'You do know it's the Country and Western festival?'

Oh no! The whole village of Brean and every single holiday park was filled with caravans decked out with american and confederate flags and everyone was constantly in fancy dress (or maybe country and western fans dress like that all the time?)

I convinced Nick we shouldn't hide in the van and go check out some of the free entertainment and somehow I managed to rustle up a cowgirl outfit out of the clothes I had in the van! Nick wasn't impressed.

The music was truly awful though and the average age must have been about 60. But the beer was cheap - £2.35 a pint!

We also went for a long walk along the coast to Brean Downs, where we got the first views so far on this trip of any sea other than the English Channel and we could see across to Wales. The tidal range here is one of the greatest in the world and it's dangerous to walk too far out or you get stuck in the mud.

See you in Wales!

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